Morning Snip:
Adult, Young

There was never any way that this feature wasn’t going to feature Choire Sicha during its first week. If we had our lives to live over again, we would come back as him. Why? Because Choire Sicha has perfected the illusion of appearing to say not just anything but everything that crosses his very critical mind. We suspect that he is actually a person of vast discretion. To appear to be shockingly candid, but without actually hurting the feelings of any truly nice people — that’s a trick that we’d like to know.

Here he is, on the thrills of reading Young Adult fiction (Mockingjay) — which right there makes you want to call the police, no?

This is also way more interesting than Harry Potter’s tiresome obsession with avenging his parents or whatever! I mean, that’s the kind of value system I want to inculcate in the young!

But similarly, the “Hunger Games” series is also very clean in that soothing YA way. Everything is clear—including our heroine’s romantic choices (there are two boys! Et cetera!)—and all is spelled out in fairly big block letters.

Is it making me stupider? Maybe! But only for a couple of hours. I mean, this kind of book goes down fast.

Though I can’t tell you for sure yet. It turns out that Amazon is a west coast company at heart. And their idea of a “midnight” release is what people over here on the real coast of America call “3 a.m.”? Only the kids can stay up that late to get their books. (Also? Check it out! Young people, staying up late at night for books again!) But from the first page, all I had time to scarf down over breakfast, I would say that the book is like totally awesome, you know?

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