Daily Office: Friday


¶ Matins: This week’s Friday Front is brevity itself. The article by George Packer to which it links has enough intelligence for two.

¶ Tierce: David Brooks gives kottke.org a nice nod in today’s Op-Ed piece, “The Alpha Geeks.”


§ Matins. It’s ugly but it’s important: voters in Kentucky (at least) are acknowledging their racial bias: they won’t vote to put a black man in the White House. It may be awful, but it isn’t news, but for the saying, and Mr Packer is right to do what he can to drag it out into the open.

§ Tierce. Kathleen begs to remind me of the “original” and somewhat unsavory meaning of the term. Far from freakish sideshows, kottke.org offers, among many useful links, the endearing picture of a very intelligent young man emerging from the basement, as it were, of tech support to the full array of the pleasures of urban life.