Monday Scramble: Almost Normal


After last week’s derelictions, it feels good to catch up — to catch up almost, that is. The two pages that were due last Monday are up this morning, as two of the pages pages that are due today. There ought to be a third, but I didn’t go to the movies last week — that’s how focused on household management I’ve been.

First of all, last week’s movie, the sensational Mad-Men era look at a young girl’s life, Lone Scherfig’s An Education. I have yet to hear a whisper of dislike for this movie; so far, the only negative word — and I can’t remember where I heard it — came from a dummkopf who thought it was dumb to cast Rosamund Pike in a bimbo role. Hello? Who could have done a better job with “the Latins”?

That’s one overdue page. The other is a writeup of Tessa Hadley’s story in “last week’s” New Yorker (The Godchildren“). Last week’s story, Julian Barnes’s “Complicity,” is also up. The more I looked at “Complicity,” the more I felt that I was supposed to look at it more.

Finally, this week’s Book Review review.

There really ought to be a third new page, now I think of it; I still haven’t written up the music part of Friday’s MMArtists recital at the Museum. I could write a few paragraphs about why. More anon!