Sinking In

Our patio.

It’s surprising, really, but Kathleen and I are not difficult to please. More often than not, we love whatever accommodations we’ve been given. It’s true that we have usually asked for something specific (a view of the sea, a short walk to the dining room), but although we never ask for the room of our dreams, that is what we usually get. 

We’re so happy with this room that Kathleen wants to reserve it for next Thanksgiving – before we leave.

The view from our patio.

Now that the weather has cleared up, and dried up, and cooled off, it’s quite pleasant to sit on the patio. Looking up from my book, I fall into something between a reverie and stupor. It occurs to me that we could be anywhere – anywhere with green hills overlooking the sea, that is. It really doesn’t matter how near or far, how well-traveled or exotic. What we want is this: this view of the sea from a hillside, looking over low shrubs.

And we want it to be a view that somebody else takes care of.

Needs no explanation.