Daily Office: Monday



¶ Health Warning: From the Houston Chronicle: “PETA wants to advertise vegan message on border fence.” And here Mexicans were thinking that what’s distinctive about their diet was hunger.


¶ Alphabet: Luc Sante writes so beautifully about a night in long-ago New York that it’s hard to believe that I might not have been there. Or that it might not have happened — not quite like that, anyway.


¶ OddTodd: Don’t miss OddTodd, proof that gifted people can be counted on to work their butts off for nothing. Todd claims to be unemployed; in fact, he’s just not drawing a salary. (You can help with that!)


Morning, cont’d

§ Health Warning. I have to remind myself that this is a PETA story, not a Texas story. (Thanks, Fossil.)

Afternoon, cont’d

§ Alphabet. According to Kenneth T Jackson’s always-surprisingly useless Encyclopedia of New York City, there is no such thing as Alphabet City. Thank heaven for Wikipedia. Mr Sante’s piece reminded me that I tend to think of Alphabet City as aboriginally abandoned. Somebody must have lived there, once upon a time.

Night, cont’d

§ OddTodd. I was unable to access Episode #1, but maybe there isn’t one. The contrast between its crisp, droll execution and its slacker pretense gives Laid Off: A Day in the Life a great deal of charm. Coff-ay!