Weekend Update:
No Time
Sunday, 13 February 2011

This brief note will acknowledge the obvious: this week’s Grand Hours never got written. It ought to have been composed during the work week, of course, but the blagueurs and I haven’t begun to figure out to do that. And the weekend turned out to be unavailable for reading, writing, and reflection. When I got back this afternoon from taking Will for our Sunday walk, I sat down at the desk and — hey, presto! woke up ten minutes later when a friend called to thank us for yesterday’s party. I realized then that, while the flesh was willing to sit through the ordeal of putting together a few interesting links, the spirit was entirely AWOL.

As for the party, it was as good as ours ever are (which is pretty good, in my opinion) — but it was also incomparably super. Technically, this was Will’s second party at our house, but let’s be realistic: he was a baby last April, when we celebrated Kathleen’s birthday, and he is not a baby anymore. His parents decided that they would stay as long as Will seemed to be having a good time, and that turned out to be an incredible four hours. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when Will adds conversation to his bundle of charms. 

I’d better publish this before I fall asleep again. What is it about age that is supposed not to wither? That part’s not working for me.