Vacation Note:
Happy Thanksgiving
25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Christmas is a month away.

In an unexpected treat, Cruzan guitarist Steve Katz will be playing at the Terrace Bar this evening, before dinner. I have never heard a more accomplished musician. I vividly remember waking up to his being much, more more than a lounge musician (not that all the people who play at the Terrace Bar aren’t truly excellent): one night, on our first visit to the Buccaneer, I realized that I was hearing one of John Dowland’s laments, exquisitely played. It was late, and the bar was almost empty — Steve was sneaking in something from his classical repertoire. We went over to speak to him after his set. This year, he came over to us.

The weather is magnificent for a second consecutive day; there is not a cloud in the sky at the moment, and St Thomas and St John ride the horizon like ghost battleships. The breeze is cool and dry, leaves lapping over the surf and the reassuring sound of distant tennis.

I’d love to report that I’m relaxed, but the relaxation portion of this vacation ended days ago. I’m boiling over with plans for regular life.