Housekeeping Note:
Wednesday already?
24 November 2010

Happy as I’ll be to return home, I wish that we were staying a few more days. It seems as though we just unpacked! And why is that? We’ve done nothing but the same thing, day after day, since we got here. We’ve had breakfast; then we’ve read (feeds, in my case — but no more until I’m back in New York) until lunch. After lunch, more reading (or, in Kathleen’s case, stitching; Monday, she did a bit of lawyering). One day, we walked on the beach; on all the others, Kathleen took a pre-dinner nap. Then dinner, all but one nights in the bar. A bottle of wine. Back in the room, I’ve been sleepy earlier each night, turning it at the amazing hour of 9:30 New York time.

A most unexpected pleasure: “reading” The Ambassadors on the iPad. I put it in quotes because I began with Book Third, and have not committed to reading straight from there.