Vacation Note:
First Aid

My promise not to discuss connection problems notwithstanding, I want to note that Brady, the Buccaneer’s IT director, has assured me that he wants to do everything necessary to make my stay “perfect.”

In a related development, Kathleen is unpacking, having been assured by me that we are staying in this room no matter what. I will work around whatever problems there are. “I can’t wear these clothes any longer,” Kathleen sighed happily, when we got back from breakfast.

So I’m settling down to a regime of reading feeds and reading Jennifer Egan’s short story collection, The Emerald City. It’s the only bit of her book-form work that I haven’t read, and it is stimulating reminders of the four novels that followed, some if not all of which I’ll be re-reading. I hope to come home with a sheaf of notes, if not a finished essay.

Absolutely nothing has happened.