Welcome to the Tablet Edition of The Daily Blague: Daily Blague / reader.

Writing in June 2010, with the iPad just two months on the market, I’m nonetheless convinced that it won’t be long before this is the only edition of The Daily Blague — that no one will read the site on a conventional computer, with distinct keyboard, mouse, and screen.

My own experience, glancing over hundreds of feeds every day, and reading many of the longer ones all the way through, suggests that the iPad is the I-reader, the long longed-for device that presents the Internet’s full textual resources with the kind of convenience that we expect from conventional printed matter. The iPad makes a very book of the Internet.

Limited to performing one task at a time, moreover, the iPad silences the multitasking options that make conventional computers so handy but also so inimical to readerly focus.

For the time being — while The Daily Blague continues to appear in what I’ll call “desktop” format — I think it wise not to open a second channel of commentary. If you’re moved to comment on an entry here, but don’t (as most people seem to prefer) wish to write to me privately, simply open up the corresponding entry at The Daily Blague on your computer and comment away.

Do let me know what you think! I’m at rjk@dailyblague.com.

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